What are varicose veins and spider veins ?

Varicose and spider veins result when one way valves within the vein fail to keep the blood flowing forward.  This causes pressure to build up and the diseased vein becomes enlarged and can eventually appear at the skins surface.  When this process occurs in smaller vessels they are reffered to as spider veins.


What is the cause of varicose or spider veins ?

Heredity is the main cause of varicose veins.  However, excessive body weight, prolonged standing or sitting, pregnancy and hormonal changes can also be attributed to varicose or spider veins.

What symptoms occur with varicose and spider veins?

Small blue or purple veins can be seen just beneath the skin.  One may experience feelings of heaviness, pain, fatigue, muscle cramping, restlessness or swelling. 

What type of complications are associated with varicose and spider veins if left untreated?

Varicose veins can lead  to other more serious complications such as blood clots, bleeding and ulcerations.  Treatment of varicose veins can help prevent serious complications from occurring, and alleviate symptoms.

What are the methods used to treat varicose and spider veins ?

In many cases, combination therapy works best.  There are a number of corrective treatments that can be done from endovenous laser ablation (EVLT)/laser treatment, to Sclerotherapy, Ohmic Thermolysis, or Micro-plebectomy.

Does insurance cover the treatment?

 This varies depending on the type of venous disease being treated.

Our comprehensive approach to varicose vein and spider vein treatment puts as much value on your overall health as on your physical appearance.